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Photo Gallery

Basket making with raffia Banana Fruit Tree Forest Produce Forest Produce (2) Mushrooms in the forest, Mbaéré Bodingué
Manioc Preparation, Mbaéré Bodingué Basket House Constuction, Mbaéré Bodingué Collection of yams, Mbaéré Bodingué Women returning from their farms, Mbaéré Bodingué Illegal Logging, Mbaéré Bodingué
Traditional hunting trap Logging activities in Mbaéré-Bodingué 1 Logging activities in Mbaéré-Bodingué 2 Mushroom, Mbaéré Bodingué Roof Construction, Mbaéré Bodingué Returning from the forest, Mbaéré Bodingué
Savanna, Mbaéré Bodingué Forest Products, Mbaéré Bodingué Village plantation, Mbaéré Bodingué Plantation, Mbaéré Bodingué (2) Community Ambassadors, Gbadane Women grinding cassava
Community Mappers. Londo, Mbaéré Bodingué Bilo Community Maps. Londo, Mbaéré Bodingué Validation of community map. Londo, Mbaéré Bodingué Sketch Mapping. Lokombe, Mbaéré Bodingué Traditional BaAka house, Lokombe Ground Map, Moale
Sketch Map, Moale Community Mapper, Moale BaAka Community Ambassadors, Mbakoro Community mappers, Moale The River Ngoundi
BaAka Community Mappers, Ndele Children eating together Representatives of the Bantu community of Ngola Logging, CAR The Minister of Forests and the representative of MEFP during the project launch, Bangui Project Launch, Bangui 1
Project Launch, Bangui 2 REDD workshop, Bangui
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