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Photo Gallery

Mapping exercise in a classroom in Djoum Alibuku team before going to the field, DRC GPS training Training exercise GPS training 2 Prospection in Inongo
Mapping team crossing lake Mai-Ndombe Paper maps made by a community in Inongo territory Mapping exercise in a classroom Paper map, Liyela community Elisa Folo with GPS Marcelline with a GPS
Community mappers, Inongo territory Sketch map, Inongo territory Sketch map, Lokanga, Inongo territory Validating final map with community, Alibuku, DRC Mekob mapping team Resources and history mapping exercise
An Ivindo mapping team 3D Mapping Workshop 3D Model, Phase 1 Community mappers. Bitouga, Minkebé West Participatory Research. Elarmitang (Esseng), Minkebé West Mapping planning. Elarmitang (Esseng), Minkebé West
Recording of GPS position. Minkebé Baka community representative Tripartite meeting. Minkebé West Mapping Facilitators. Ntem River, Minkebé West Bilo Community Maps. Londo, Mbaéré Bodingué Validation of community map. Londo, Mbaéré Bodingué
Sketch Mapping. Lokombe, Mbaéré Bodingué Ground Map, Moale Sketch Map, Moale Community Mapper, Moale Community mappers, Moale BaAka Community Mappers, Ndele
Community Map. Atonda Simba, Pongara Community Map. Bissobinam, Pongara Community Map. Chinchoua, Pongara Community Mappers. Oveng-Alarmeke-Matek Mavi Taking GPS coordinates. Point Dénis, Pongara Community mapping training, Pongara
Validating community map. Van Ayong, Pongara The Minister of Forests and the representative of MEFP during the project launch, Bangui Project Launch, Bangui 1 Project Launch, Bangui 2 Participatory mapping workshop, Congo Prospection in Conkouati-Douli 1
Prospection in Conkouati-Douli 2 Prospection in Conkouati-Douli 3 Soil map Soil map 2 A community member starting the drawing of community map on the ground Soil mapping in Ngonaka
Mapping facilitators Launch ceremony, Congo Brazzaville Launch ceremony, Congo Brazzaville 2
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