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Photo Gallery

3 Baka boys Baka boy with a toy truck Baka villagers Boy and girl in Djoum Monkey Child in Djoum with toy bike
Land cleared for farming Man drinking water from a vine Preparing pineapple Welcome to Nomedjoh village, Djoum Sign for Dja Reserve Legume flowers
Poster - Protected animals of South-East Cameroon Poster - Protected animals of the Pallisco logging concession Village children Millipede in Djoum Bokassa grass, an invasive weed Mother and child
Lomie secondary school Lomie school classroom Children at Lomie school Inside a Baka leaf house Mapping exercise in a classroom in Djoum Forest elephants
Villagers in Djoum play drums Woman gathering wood in a woven basket Afromosia tree Alibuku team before going to the field, DRC Gathering wood Recording data points at a cassava farm
Women returning from the forest Woman gathering logs Raffia roof Spring water Market road Logging
GPS training Cacao pods Inongo town Training exercise GPS training 2 River
River 2 Making fishing baskets Clothes washing Prospection in Inongo Brick making Classroom
Health centre, Inongo Consultation room Waiting room Toy plane Congo shipping yard Lac Mai-Ndombe
The Centre de Sante de Ntandegomo A village chief in Inongo territory Village meeting space Mapping team crossing lake Mai-Ndombe Lakeside storage houses Paper maps made by a community in Inongo territory
Children in Inongo territory Women on lake Mai-Ndombe Mapping exercise in a classroom Paper map, Liyela community Elisa Folo with GPS Logging depot, Kinshasa, DRC
Marcelline with a GPS Community mappers, Inongo territory Butterfly, Inongo territory, DRC Sketch map, Inongo territory Sketch map, Lokanga, Inongo territory Sunset
Validating final map with community, Alibuku, DRC Baka women The deforested road to Kongou Falls Kongou Falls Kongou Falls 2 The Ivindo River
Deforestation in the Ivindo National Park Kayaks on the Ivindo river The Ivindo River 2 Soil map, Ippassenger Preparation for a circumcision ritual Soil map, Loa Loa
Kayak, Mekob Paper copy of Mekob soil map Mekob mapping team Resources and history mapping exercise Community meeting, Mbolo 3 Honey gathering
Sand extraction An Ivindo mapping team A logging pond in Ikobé A logging barge Boy with wooden chainsaw, Evouta Creating a seasonal calendar, Evouta
Waka National Park Tree On the river Monkey Two boys Village meeting, Nioye
Child, Nioye 2 Ossimba family 3D Mapping Workshop 3D Model, Phase 1 Child, Sogha Babongo children, Tranquille
Village elder Samuel Mapedi, Tranquille Tchibanga women Hunter. Bitouga, Minkebé West Nature Trail. Bitouga, Minkebé West Children. Bitouga, Minkebé West
Community mappers. Bitouga, Minkebé West Sketch Map. Doumassi, Minkebé West Doumassi, Minkebé West Baka women. Doumassi, Minkebé West Participatory Research. Elarmitang (Esseng), Minkebé West Mapping planning. Elarmitang (Esseng), Minkebé West
Raffia Craft. Elarmitang (Esseng), Minkebé West Village Meeting. Elarmitang (Esseng), Minkebé West Local Mapper Etóo Baka woman. Etóo, Minkebé West Janvier, Community Mapper. Doumassi, Minkebé West Recording of GPS position. Minkebé
Baka community representative Tripartite meeting. Minkebé West Minkebé forests Baka Forest Camp, Minkebé Baka Children, Minkebé Baka Children (2)
Sheet web under a bridge Drinking water from a vine Mapping Facilitators. Ntem River, Minkebé West Edzengui Association Basket making with raffia Banana
Fruit Tree Forest Produce Forest Produce (2) Mushrooms in the forest, Mbaéré Bodingué Manioc Preparation, Mbaéré Bodingué Basket
House Constuction, Mbaéré Bodingué Collection of yams, Mbaéré Bodingué Women returning from their farms, Mbaéré Bodingué Illegal Logging, Mbaéré Bodingué Traditional hunting trap Logging activities in Mbaéré-Bodingué 1
Logging activities in Mbaéré-Bodingué 2 Mushroom, Mbaéré Bodingué Roof Construction, Mbaéré Bodingué Returning from the forest, Mbaéré Bodingué Savanna, Mbaéré Bodingué Forest Products, Mbaéré Bodingué
Village plantation, Mbaéré Bodingué Plantation, Mbaéré Bodingué (2) Community Ambassadors, Gbadane Women grinding cassava Community Mappers. Londo, Mbaéré Bodingué Bilo Community Maps. Londo, Mbaéré Bodingué
Validation of community map. Londo, Mbaéré Bodingué Sketch Mapping. Lokombe, Mbaéré Bodingué Traditional BaAka house, Lokombe Ground Map, Moale Sketch Map, Moale Community Mapper, Moale
BaAka Community Ambassadors, Mbakoro Community mappers, Moale The River Ngoundi BaAka Community Mappers, Ndele Children eating together
Representatives of the Bantu community of Ngola The Ivindo River, Ogóoue-Ivindo province Pongara National Park Community Map. Atonda Simba, Pongara Community Map. Bissobinam, Pongara Community Map. Chinchoua, Pongara
Savanna, Pongara Logging, Pongara Monkey, Pongara Toy boat, Pongara Termite mounds in Pongara Weaver bird nests, Pongara
Pongara at dusk Fisherman. Odoko, Pongara Community Mappers. Oveng-Alarmeke-Matek Mavi Taking GPS coordinates. Point Dénis, Pongara A non-timber forest product, Irvingia Gabonincis Cooking fish
Community mapping training, Pongara Validating community map. Van Ayong, Pongara Logging, CAR The Minister of Forests and the representative of MEFP during the project launch, Bangui Project Launch, Bangui 1 Project Launch, Bangui 2
REDD workshop, Bangui Cloud cover Participatory mapping workshop, Congo Sunset over Sanha river, Pokola, North Congo Logging trucks at CIB plant, Pokola, North Congo Prospection in Conkouati-Douli 1
Prospection in Conkouati-Douli 2 Prospection in Conkouati-Douli 3 Soil map Soil map 2 Community meeting Children
Congo landscape Children running Community in Mbomo Ngbala Classroom A community member starting the drawing of community map on the ground Community meeting in Inga
Soil mapping in Ngonaka A hunter with a duiker Congo landscape 2 Mapping facilitators Forest produce Man reading RFUK leaflet, Inga
Launch ceremony, Congo Brazzaville Launch ceremony, Congo Brazzaville 2 Logging operations at CIB Kabo Concession, North Congo
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