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Protected Areas in the Congo Basin: Failing People and Biodiversity - Briefing

The briefing, which contains the initial findings of detailed research due to be published in 2015, states that, despite hundreds of millions of dollars having been spent on conservation efforts in the Congo Basin over the past 10 years, current conservation policy and practice in the region lag far behind international standards for the protection of local peoples’ rights.

Source: RFUK | Date published: 07/11/2014

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Research on Climate Change Adaptation by Indigenous Peoples in the Republic of Congo
As part of a regional study on indigenous peoples and climate change adaptation in Africa, RFUK coordinated desk and field research for the Republic of Congo, in collaboration with Congolese NGO Forum pour la Gouvernance et les Droits de l’Homme (FGDH) and local indigenous peoples’ organisations. 

Source: RFUK | Date published: 29/11/2013

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Seeds of Destruction: Expansion of Industrial Oil Palm in the Congo Basin; Potential Impacts on Forests and People

The report presents a detailed desk analysis of the expansion of large-scale palm oil developments in the Congo Basin underway and planned as of early 2013, covering around 1.6 million hectares of mostly forest land. The report presents three detailed case studies of large-scale new oil palm developments, and detailed recommendations to prevent the environmental and social impacts that have been caused by palm oil developments elsewhere.

Source: RFUK | Date published: 01/02/2013

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Republic of Congo Land Tenure and Mapping Case Study

This case study looks at the experiences of land tenure and community mapping in the Republic of Congo.


Source: RFUK and RRI | Date published: 01/01/2009

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The Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the Republic of Congo (in French)

This influential report looking into the situation of "Pygmies" in the Republic of Congo was instrumental in the adoption of an indigenous peoples law in the country, the first law of its kind in the Central African region.  

Date published: 06/06/2006

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Realising Rights, Protecting Forests: An Alternative Vision for Reducing Deforestation Case Studies from the Accra Caucus

This report presents an alternative vision for how to implement ‘REDD’ - Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation’ – in which community forests are the central mechanism for protecting forests, drawing on case studies from all the major tropical forest regions.

Source: Accra Caucus | Date published: 01/06/2010

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The Use of Non-Timber Forest Products in the Congo Basin: Constraints and Opportunities.

This report presents a detailed review of the state of knowledge about the use of NTFPs in the Congo Basin, including the range of products used, their contribution to household incomes and international trade.

Source: RFUK | Date published: 01/02/2007

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Protected Areas in the Congo Basin

RFUK briefing on the status of the protected areas system in the Congo Basin.


Source: RFUK | Date published: 11/11/2011

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